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Why should I stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

May 12, 2017


So you're planning a vacation and you stumble upon a Bed and Breakfast. You might ask yourself; "Why should I stay in someone's house when I can stay in a hotel? What are the benefits of staying at a Bed and Breakfast?" 


Well, first let me start with this; A study recently showed that staying at a Bed and Breakfast is significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel because of unnecessary fees similar to parking fees, resort fees, and weekend rates. Why should you pay these unnecessary fees and rates when you can stay at a B&B for a much cheaper price? Hotel's aren't looking to save you any money! They will individually charge you for everything while staying with them! 


Second... let's talk about the big picture of a Bed and BREAKFAST. Forget your continental hotel breakfast! When you stay at a Bed and Breakfast you receive a homemade breakfast from scratch! There's nothing like having a homemade breakfast, with secrete recipes passed down from generation to generation similar to Nanette Spears Secrete Cheesecake Recipe! If you're looking to eat a generic cereal,and coffee breakfast then a hotel is where you should stay. But if you love freshly prepared, personalized meals then a bed and breakfast is where you belong! 



Unlike hotel management, Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers create relationships and become involved with their guests. Special requests can usually be made to personalize your visit. When staying at a hotel your experience is usually generic and the same as every other guest. They aren't looking to accommodate you with a warm welcome, they just want your MONEY! 


Third, let's talk about the hospitality you receive when staying at a B&B. Usually when scheduling your visit at a B&B you'll get a warm welcome call from your Innkeepers! Unlike hotels, Innkeepers want the chance to get to know you and give you the best experience you can have! B&B innkeepers are always looking for ways to make your stay unique and memorable.


Lastly, let's talk about the amenities. When staying at a hotel they'll usually offer you your typical pool and spa. The Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast has a lot more to offer... like an indoor salt water pool and Jacuzzi, nature trails, a pet friendly environment and over two centuries of history! What's better than being able to bring your furry BFF on vacation!


Speaking of history, there is usually some type of history that comes along with your B&B so next time you decide to book your visit be sure to ask your Innkeeper about the history behind the property. Not only does the property usually have some sort of history, the accommodations usually do as well! The rooms at a B&B are decorated to make you feel warm and cozy, and will take you to another era of time. Disconnecting you from the world of social media, and bring you closer to history, nature, and the people around you! 

So next time your planning a vacation, take staying at a B&B into consideration rather than reflexively booking accommodations at another hotel! Ask yourself; Do you want a generic experience just like every other hotel guest that you'll soon forget about? Or do you want a warm welcome, freshly prepared meals and memories that will last a lifetime? 




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