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Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast: A Place to Reconnect

May 18, 2017

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and saw people sitting together at a table, completely ignoring each other because they were too busy texting someone else on their cell phones? You see it everywhere, on vacation, at the grocery store, even in your own home. Thousands of conversations are taking place but nobody is saying a word. Is it any wonder that psychologists are saying that social media is increasing the sense of loneliness among most adults?


 Are you married but feel disconnected from your spouse? Do you talk to your kids through text messages more than face-to-face? Do you even sit together at a table for dinner anymore or do you sit in random areas around the house or in your bedrooms with your faces lit by the pallid glow of your cell phones or tablets?


"There is no question the Internet has offered many a convenient way to locate, reconnect and rekindle relationships that otherwise may have been lost," Shelly Galasso Bonanno, MA recently wrote for PsychCentral. 


But maybe it's time to disconnect from social media and time to reconnect with the people around you before you lose them. Remember them? Your spouse? Your family? Well, at the Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast in Lawrenceville Virginia, you'll have the opportunity to do just that.


Nestled in the middle of nearly 30 acres of glorious trees and tons of fresh air, the Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast will take you back to the days when people held each other's hands rather than clutching their own hand-held devices.


 You will notice right away that there are no television sets in most of the rooms. And, while there is WiFi available, there are also nature trails, a dining room with family-style seating and a fire pit surrounded by circle of red Adirondack chairs. The Innkeepers, David Spears and Billie Locke, intend for this place to be more about conversation and eye contact rather than being just another place where you go to ignore each other.


"In your quest to connect virtually," Dr. Emma Seppälä noted for MindBodyGreen, "you disconnect from your reality and the people in it. Instead of deriving pleasure from your experience and the people around you, you seek it (along with validation) from your phone."


Need a place where you can reconnect with those around you? Come stay a few nights at the Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast. The whole place is like a warm hug. Just read the reviews from guests on Trip Advisor and Yelp... It isn't hard to figure out why it has a solid five-star rating with both travel review websites. Come on... Book a room... You'll see.

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