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Why Lawrenceville Virginia? | Local Attractions

May 18, 2017


Why Lawrenceville, Virginia? Well lets start with, why wouldn’t you want to stay in Lawrenceville, Virginia? This small town is a great place for a get-away with the family. The whole state is filled with historical sites and is brimming with many different local attractions to accommodate kids and adults!


Lawrenceville, Virginia, located in Brunswick County, was officially established by an act of the General Assembly on January 22nd, 1814. This act stated that twenty acres of land belonging to Peggy Williams would be laid off into lots and would forevermore be know as "Lawrenceville." 


"Legend has it," Nathaniel Neblett wrote for on April 29, 1999, "that the name was inspired by a famous racehorse, Lawrence, owned by a prosperous landowner who had built a nearby race track at the end of the eighteenth century."


One of the original churches St. Andrew's Episcopal was constructed in 1829, and continues to serve it's parishioners! WOW that's an old building! In fact, St. Andrew's is the oldest public building extant in Lawrenceville. There are many historical locations in Lawerenceville, Virginia -- another is the Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast.


"Brunswick Mineral Springs was built in 1785 and has had many owners and uses though the years," the B&B's website explains. "Most of the time it has been used for farming and since colonial time's, tobacco has been the king crop." The site became one of the area's first schools, has been marketed as the area's first private resorts and has long been known for the beneficial properties of the two mineral springs, which flow beneath the land. Today it is the only bed and breakfast in the area and has a solid five-star rating with both Trip Advisor and Yelp.


Next, lets talk about some of the local attractions. Lake Phoenix is a very popular attraction in Lawrenceville, especially during the summer! Take a dive into Lake Phoenix's SCUBA Park and enjoy a very unique underwater adventure. Lake Phoenix provides opportunities to swim, snorkel, kayak and SCUBA. Supplied by an active aquifer, the lake offers a spectacular underwater world for you to explore with crystal-clear visibility. Along with colorful fish there are underwater granite walls and submerged items – a plane, a helicopter, vans, buses and boats – offer SCUBA divers a unique adventure of discovery.


Another popular destination is the Rosemont Vineyard and Winery! Rosemont Vineyard and Winery produces a variety of wines from the bold, classic reds to the dry, crisp whites. Plan a tour and wine tasting for only $10 a person! 


Now... Do you love to tan? Do you enjoy swimming in the ocean? Why not visit Virginia Beach! This beach/resort area is only an hour and a half from the Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast! Book a room at the Brunswick B&B, take a day trip to the beach, get your fill of the sun, fun and bustling crowds.... Then come back "home" to the B&B where you can unwind and take a late-night swim in the indoor salt-water pool,or maybe a soak in the the Jacuzzi before snuggling into the peace and quiet of your private suite.


Now... You're waiting to book your room at the Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast, why? Our summer accommodations are filling up fast! We sure would hate to have you miss out on all of the memories waiting here especially for you!




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