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A Few Thoughts from Mr. Henry

August 9, 2017



Hello. I'm Henry. Most call me Mr. Henry. I like it when people call me Mr. Henry.


I live at the Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed & Breakfast in Lawrenceville, Virginia and I have all my life. In human years, I'm 13 years old. That's 74 in dog years. But I think I still got it goin' on.


I have a sister. Her name's Sabrina. She likes playing with her twinkle ball. She takes it everywhere she goes. She can even bark with her twinkle ball in her mouth.


Sabrina only has one eye. Dad says someone "threw her away." But she lives with us now. She's my best friend.


A lot of people stayed here at the B&B last month. I like it when there are a lot of people here. It's been a while since there was so much life in the house. The last time we had so many people coming and going was when my human mom was here. Her name was Nanette. She got real sick. Then one day she went away and never came back. I miss her. Dad did, too. He was alone, and very sad for a very long time.


There's a new lady here these days. She's my dad's new friend. I'm so glad he's happy again. His new friend's name is "Billie." But dad calls her "Honey." They hold paws... a lot, and now and then I see them touch faces. I like her. She likes to dig in the dirt. Sabrina likes her, too because she throws the ball. Yes... Sabrina has her trained real good now.


Along with all of the people, a lot of dogs came to visit, too. Kirby was here again. He comes here a lot with his bipeds. He's a little dog. But he's the only one that doesn't seem to know that.


There was a big German Sheppard that came to stay here for over a week when Kirby was here. His name was Einstein. He was young, real smart... and real annoying. He was always trying to get me to play. But I'm too old for that. I like resting... and eating chicken strips. I really like chicken strips. Kirby wouldn't leave Einstein alone, always up under his tail. The bipeds started calling him "hemorrhoid." Kirby and Einstein liked chasing each other.


There's another dog that's been living over in Sammie's Place for about a month now. Her name's Lou, I think. She's a golden lab. "Honey" calls her "Goldie." She says it's because "she looks like a Goldie." Then again, I'm not really sure what that means.


I wasn't feeling so well last month. Dad said I had something called a "stroke." All I know is parts of my face don't work so good anymore and I drool a lot... especially when I drink water.  Then there was the day when I woke up and I couldn't walk. I could tell dad was scared. He even got down on the floor with me near my bed and didn't leave my side until it was time to go to the doctor.  When we got back home, dad carried me back to my bed and he stayed with me for a long time just rubbing me. I like it when he gives me rubbings.




I like being around my dad. In fact, I don't like it when I can't see him. Sometimes, when I wake up and he's not there, I call him... a lot... and he always comes for me. Sometimes he grumbles and barks at me. But he always comes for me. I love my dad. His name's Dave. 


If someone were to ask, I'd have to say my most specialest most favoritest things in the whole wide world would be dad and chicken strips. But if I could only have one most specialest most favoritest things in the whole wide world... it would be my dad.


Well, I've got to go now. We have some new guests arriving.

They look like nice people.


I wonder if they brought any chicken strips...?













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