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Ghost Hunters Return to Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast!

April 30, 2018


Do you believe in ghosts?


Have you ever wanted to stay at a 233-year-old Bed and Breakfast with a history of ghostly happenings?


Have you ever wanted to witness real Ghost Hunters in action?


Well, pretty soon, you’ll have your chance to do all of that!


Nearly seven years ago to the day, no less than three ghost hunting organizations teamed up to investigate the supernatural happenings at the Brunswick Mineral Springs Bed and Breakfast in Lawrenceville, Virginia, which have become as much a part of the property's history as the names on the tombstones in the cemetery behind the main house.

In May of 2011, members of the NC HAGS (North Carolina Haints, Apparitions and Spirits), The Heritage Society and Ghosts of Raleigh, joined forces to explore the unexplained phenomenon experienced by the innkeepers, Nanette and David Spears, as well as a number of their guests. The photo above, courtesy of the Brunswick Times-Gazette, shows the crew just before dinner. First row, from left, Jeff Tracy, Steve Boyette, Eddie Howell; second row, Mike Turmage, Don and Beth Wilson, Dave and Nan Spears; third row, Michael La Chiana.


"Equipment measures electro magnetic fields and a tape recorder is also used," Sylvia Allen wrote for the Brunswick Times-Gazette on May 26, 2011. "The group divided into smaller groups, rotating through all the areas, spending about 45 minutes in each area."


"I sat in on one session," Allen shared further. "Eddie, Beth and I were in an upstairs bedroom. Eddie started talking, trying to get a response. Before Beth would take a picture, she would say "flash" to let others know. They asked lots of questions, trying to get a response. Some of the questions were: What kind of music do you like? Do you like to be called ghosts? Do you want to communicate with someone? Did you like Elvis? He began to sing songs and just kid around. There was no response. After the session others said they saw movement they couldn't explain and felt another's presence."


According to the video of the original investigation posted by NC HAGS, team members heard voices, felt as if someone touched them and some saw shadows on the third floor. One even saw the famed “little girl in the blue dress.”


According to a post by the National Geological Society on the website, Cemeteries of Brunswick County, Virginia,  there are several members of the Ravenscroft family suspected of being buried in the family cemetery in unmarked graves. Among them is Mary Armstead Jones, born October 10, 1847. She was nine years old when she died.


Unfortunately, Nanette passed away a few years ago. David, the house and the property went into mourning. It wasn’t until Dave met and allowed himself to fall in love with Billie Locke that life seemed to return to the B&B.


“I think she’s here.” Billie says. Billie has spent the past year helping David renovate... and love every square inch of the place.


“This place was her dream,” she added. “I think she’s happy that it’s living on and I think she knows I want to honor her memory with everything I do here.”


“I think she’s happy Billie’s here.” David added. “I think Nan brought her to me.”


Both David and Billie are anxious to find out if Nan is in fact hanging around her beloved B&B and to know what she thinks of all the hard work they’ve done.”


As I explained in a previous post, "I recently contacted Eddie Howell, who has graciously agreed to make a return trip to conduct a follow-up investigation with the original team after the holidays so... stay tuned.”


Eddie also knew Nan and he is also curious to find out if she’s there.


Well, that return visit is scheduled for May 12, 2018 and you are welcomed to join us and meet the ghost hunters! All you have to do is make your reservation. Only registered guests will be permitted to take part. To make this event even better, we are offering 10% off all bookings for that weekend! But you better hurry, there are only a few rooms left!


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